[LMB] Can Mark be a merchant tycoon?

Mizuho Yoshida captnmvk at galaxy.plala.or.jp
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 23:02:55 +0900

Helene wrote:

> Are you talking about Royal Jelly (the food supply of the Queen Bee)?....I
> know that is quite a popular bug/food product that is supposed to be
> of an energy booster.  It's readily available in health food stores and
> be ordered online as well.  As a matter of fact, Royal Jelly is what I had
> mind as I was trying to find something in 'real life' to sort of
> compare/contrast the bug butter and maple ambrosia to.

I meant, candied locust and baby bee... Royal jelly is very popular here,
They are not for me but my father loves those things. I don't know if he
loves them or enjoy our reaction. <G>

> And in answer to your question, I think Mark definitely has a knack for
> an Entrepeneur, but then again, he could be whatever he wanted to be and
> would do just fine at it.  After all, he's a Vorkosigan.

Mizuho Yoshida