[LMB] Komarrans, & biowealth

Jaye orchestra at wingedharper.com
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 22:04:01 -0800


>I'd like to put in a word here for Komarrans in general. I don't think we
>have any evidence at all that Ser Galen was typical even as Galeni's
>parent, let alone as Mark's parent-surrogate.
         You're completely right. I meant to say "Komarran-terrorist" and 
the 2nd word didn't get put in. Sorry about that. In general, I'd guess the 
Komarrans are as skilled and empathic parents as the Betans.

>  I think that Aral means something even more general than family ties.
>I think he means living breathing creatures, especially but not only
         Of course. I don't think anyone would argue that Lois doesn't 
portray Zap and her offspring, or Ninny (or Rose & the other horses in 
Barrayar) as part of "wealth" -- even as annoyed as Miles gets at the 
kitties in ACC. Heck, even the teak forests and maple groves. And terran 
biological matter is not somethnig Barrayarans take for granted; that's for 
sure! Even the manure!
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