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Tue, 18 Mar 2003 11:53:35 -0500

Lois McMaster Bujold wrote:

> There is internal debate at present whether it is or is not a good idea to
> include the phrase "a sequel to..." on the cover of _Paladin_.  Obviously,
> it makes a draw for those who've already read _Chalion_, but as book buyers,
> would it be a plus or a minus if you were looking at the book cold in a
> store?  (You may want to glance at the cover before you vote.)  I'd be
> curious what y'all think on this point, though the final decision is not up
> to me.

I have found that if a book sounds interesting enough and is a sequel, I will go
back and read the previous book as well.  As was said by someone earlier, if the
book is stand-alone, and can be read easily without reading Curse of Chalion,
then there's no need to classify it as a sequel.


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