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Michael R N Dolbear m.dolbear at lineone.net
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 17:02:23 -0000

> Subject: Re: Next Miles book
> Date: 19 March 2003 23:35
> From: "Lois Bujold" <lois at dendarii.com>

>>On another note, is this new
>book a Chalion book or an
>entirely new universe?  Sorry
>if this has already been
>answered elsewhere.

I *think* they're talking about the new work in progress (since late
December) which is a third tale in the world of Chalion, with the working
title of _The Hallowed Hunt_.  The second book is to be published in
October, and is titled _Paladin of Souls_.  There's a snippet of the latter
(and a map of Chalion) up on my website now.

Except for the fellow who was kvetching that he wanted more Miles instead
of more fantasy *without* having troubled first to read the fantasy to see
if it might, after all, be something he would also like.  Him, I can't
help; he'll have to figure it out for himself, whenever.

It's not like marriage, you know; you're *allowed* to love more than one
book.  Simultaneously, even.  

Ta, L.  

Little Egret