[LMB] Miles, Nikki and Ekaterin

RosinaRowantree at aol.com RosinaRowantree at aol.com
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 20:01:54 EST

Ray and Laura both thought that "the Vorkosigan household has some very nice 
built in advantages" in having servants to take care of household chores, and 
to baby-sit while they had time together.  From Nikki's point of view, the 
first thing they did was go away for what must have been a very long 
honeymoon.  And I think we can see from examples around and above us that 
having servants to take care of your children while you carry out your public 
role does not necessarily result in strong family ties and well-balanced 
children.  Aral's duties were mainly in Vorbarra Sultana, where Miles was, 
and he could take time out to spend "quality time" (if not quantity time) 
with his only son.  With three or more children, and a job that could take 
him anywhere on Barrayar, Sergyar or Komarr (or Ceteganda or...) Miles might 
find it more difficult to nip home in his lunch break to give Nikki undivided 
attention.  And if Ekaterin is going to accompany him, that's both parents 
away for long periods.  

And thank you Maia for agreeing with me at least that here is a potential for 
trouble.  Maybe Lois will deal with it in her 2010 Vorkosigan book.