[LMB] OT: Books for Soldiers

Jagoda, Lynette K lynette.jagoda at pnl.gov
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 12:22:25 -0800

One of our many archive lurkers sent me this today... I am passing it on.

I think this would be a great place to seed some Bujold books!! I am glad that Young Miles will be out in paperback soon. Much cheaper to buy and ship several dozen paperbacks than hardbacks. 

Lynette <---- Who now has to go home this weekend and start sorting though her many hundreds of books which she probably isn't going to read again and therefore might like to go on a world tour. =-) 

--- start of forwarded message---- 

Thanks for the addresses!

I also discovered this website today, which might be
of interest to anyone who has been shipped out, or to
those wanting to do something for our men and women in
uniform who are far from their favorite bookstore:


There are very few posted requests on it at the moment
(maybe 4 or 5?), but I suspect that's partly because
not many people know about this site yet.  It seems to
be a service that was started during the Gulf War, and
that has been very recently revived due to recent
events.  Anyway, while posting my recommendation for
Lois' books there, it dawned on me that some of our
list members might want to know about this service
too.  Feel free to share with anyone (or the list) you
think might be interested.  I don't think I can post
from the web archive.  (Heck, I can barely find time
to *read* from the web archive these days! <G>)


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