What about Gregor and Nikki? (Was: RE: [LMB] Miles, Nikki and Ekaterin)

Louann Miller lqmiller at iqcisp.com
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 15:13:49 -0600

At 03:14 AM 3/21/2003 -0800, Raye Johnsen wrote:

>Maybe it's just me, but I can see Gregor quietly
>organizing a 'bequest' for Nikki to 'inherit' when he
>comes of age, thus negating the question of the
>Vorkosigan obligation.

I do have to disagree with the idea of a secret bequest, as stated 
elsewhere in the thread. Funny thing is that I just finished reading a 
novel about a secret bequest: "Doctor Thorne," one of the sequels to 
"Barchester Towers," and ergo absolutely pure Victoriana. Inheritance 
themes run all through Victorian and Regency (e.g. Austen) novels, since 
the class of people they were about were mostly expected to inherit rather 
than earn their own living; it was pretty much the top choice for a plot 
complication preventing Maiden A from marrying Young Mr. B or even forcing 
her to contemplate marrying rich-but-disgusting old Lord C instead.

It may well be that the average High Vor thinks like the Victorian gentry 
on these matters. They do in my brain, anyway. But I doubt that Gregor does 
or that Miles does. Both raised by relentlessly middle-class Betan 
Cordelia, you'll recall. I expect that any start-up funds for Nikki's 
adulthood, whether from Miles or some sort of gift from Gregor, would take 
the form of money for education (or pilot implants) to make his own way in 
the world rather than the kind of allowance Kou thought Mark was getting 
and wasting from the Vorkosigans in ACC. Gregor might want to help out for 
his personal honor if he and Nikki remain close, but I don't believe for a 
moment that Miles would stint on that kind of startup help.

>This is one thing that I'm really surprised nobody's
>brought up: that, whatever his relationship with
>Miles, Nikki is on personal-friendship terms with the
>Emperor of Barrayar, and is under the Emperor's
>personal protection.  This was demonstrated to the
>Vorsoisson family rather emphatically at the
>denouement of ACC (when Nikki invoked it against them)
>and I don't believe Her Ladyship has ever told us if
>it was revoked.

I don't think that kind of link gets revoked, among True Vor. Nikki's 
full-force response to his SOS probably had a lot to do with pushing 
Gregor's "little boy dragged away from Mommy" button; I'm sure he wouldn't 
get such a huge response for more ordinary emergencies.

>I'm sorry, but I love the Gregor/Nikki relationship,
>and I really, really want to see it fleshed out and
>developed.  I know it was only two scenes, but I
>swear, Nikki was all but calling him 'Uncle Gregor'.

Seconded. They really did seem to like each other. It may be that if the 
pilot thing doesn't pan out for some reason, an adult Nikki might wind up 
on the civil side of the Imperial service, maybe even assigned to the palace.