[LMB] newbie question on Barrayar in Cyrillic

Michael Bauminger mikebomb at myrealbox.com
Sun, 23 Mar 2003 19:18:52 -0500

On Sunday, March 23, 2003 10:33 AM, Luka Kladaric
<luka at kladaric.net> wrote:

> I found the "Barrayaran Imperial Service Patch"
> (http://www.softwear-tnt.com/dendariipatch.html) written
> out in Cyrillic. Is there any reason to believe Barrayar
> uses Cyrillic rather than Latin letters?

I am pretty certain that it is canonical that Barrayar uses a
modified Cyrillic alphabet, but I believe the reference is in
Shards, which I do not have access to at the moment. (Loaned it
to a family member who swears he is keeping it safe for me.)

> just finished DI and Winterfair gifts - good book
> BTW, for all of you that haven't had the chance
> to read it] so...

Winterfair Gifts has only been published in Croatian, so far.
Only Croatian readers such as yourself have been privileged to
read it, as yet. It is not that we haven't had a chance to read
it; it is not available in format that we find readable.

-- Michael