[LMB] Tuckerized...

VorJoy at aol.com VorJoy at aol.com
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 02:57:33 EST

I teased Dan about not mentioning Pilots appearance in the cannon when 
listing Jump Pilots and he replied:

Honestly, I did not know about that Tuckerization. I did wonder
why Scott signed his messages that way, but was not curious
enough to ask.
Dan Tilque
End Snip--

----- <Astonished smile> Really?? I always think of you as not only a long 
time listee... but one who has been here longer than I. And the whole 
Tuckerization thing came up several times while I have been here. That is how 
I found out. But FYI a listing is now part of the FAQ, so if you want to see 
everybody we know of who has been tuckerized by Lois, check out...   

Lynette <---- who has to go to bed now... but wishes she had time to actually 
reply to all the great on-topic posts from the last couple of weeks. <sigh>  
Keep it up people.