[LMB] Re: Nikki & being a Jump Pilot??

RosinaRowantree at aol.com RosinaRowantree at aol.com
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 18:37:24 EST

Paula quoted Rebecca: "And if he is just a jump pilot to a cargo carrier, 
that cargo carrier is bringing much wanted/needed supplies to communities who 
will" and commented: "Communities might regard jump pilots as hired help, 
much as truck drivers get looked at today -- but with the big difference than 
truck drivers
haven't had extensive expensive training and surgical modifications."

 where would we be without truck drivers?  Who else would carry English grown 
potatoes to Italy, where they are washed and bagged?  Who but a truck driver 
would then drive them all the way back to England to be sold?  

If Nikki is thinking about becoming the interplanetary equivalent of a truck 
driver then he should be advised at once - DON'T DO IT!  Hanging around space 
stations all day while the warehouse staff drink tea, suggesting he off-load 
the cargo by hand and then grudgingly find a fork-lift truck (sorry, an 
anti-grav sled), before pointing out that one of the crates is damaged so 
they can't accept that.  Five days later, at the next delivery, they make him 
wait in line because he was late.  I know, I'm married to an earth-bound 
trucker, and his advice would be worded even more strongly.

Paula also asked: "How many Vor are scientists? If they look down on being in 
business or don't engage in it, and that produces wealth, how would they be 
more likely to go into science?"  I don't know how many, but Uncle Vorthys 
was a professor emeritus of engineering failure analysis, so clearly 
academics and scientists are acceptable.  And Vorsmythe was in business, 
Vorgustafson (also an Auditor) had been an industrialist.  Even trade and 
industry then are acceptable.  Nikki has a lot of options