[LMB] Musings on Pilots [Now OT:]

Robert Parks rparks at lvhot.org
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 23:16:52 -0800

Padget, Scott R wrote:
> Jerrie taunted us with:
>> And what exactly would constitute formalwear suitable to
>> accompany Bob Mackie Bad Haut Lady Drag?

I just want to point out here, that if it is Bob Mackie, it 
*won't* be "Bad" Haut Lady Drag.

> Ooh, ooh, I LIKE this idea!  Unfortunately, I have neither the
> time nor the skills to do this before TorCon.  Diane, Marna,
> anyone else who might be interested:  Could something suitable
> be done in the time remaining?  I hereby volunteer to be the
> Official Dress Dummy for this project!

I'll have to see if there is a more suitable outfit than this:


> Pilot Padget--noting that this gets him a date with Robert <g>

And I'll point out again, that I will do Haut Lady Drag, but I'm 
*not* doing Bad or Trailer Trash Haut Lady.

You might however take a try at the Lion Tamer: