[LMB] newbie question on Barrayar (Now Roic) in Cyrillic

Mark A. Mandel mamandel at Filker.Org
Sat, 29 Mar 2003 21:09:34 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, MARK EDDY wrote:

#"Susan Duhon in Indiana" wrote:
#"So this raises the question, how is Roic written in Cyrillic. The
#Cyrillic letter used for the "c" would indicate the presumed correct
#I'd guess "ehr","o","i","tseh" would be the correct set. So PobIU
#(squaring off the bottom of the final letter) would be a close ASCII

The Russian yery, which you have reasonably rendered as "bI", represents a
vowel sound that is more often transliterated "y". Neither the sound nor
the letter is used in Serbo-Croatian -- or Serbo-Croat, as it is
called in my present reference.* (I apologize in advance to anyone who,
for political reasons, would prefer a different terminology for the
language[s] I speak of here.) In fact, even in Russian I think the
sequence "o" + "y" would be very strange or impossible.

* Greville Corbett, "Serbo-Croat", chapter 18 (pp. 391-409) in Bernard
Comrie, ed., _The World's Major Languages_, 1990, Oxford Univ. Press.

In any case, the Croatian Roman letter "i" corresponds to the Serbian
Cyrillic letter that looks like a capital (or small capital) "N" reflected
in a mirror: very roughly,**

	| /|
	|/ |

** These graphics will probably look all wrong if you're using a
   variable-width font. If the "T" at the start of the first line
   of the footnote doesn't line up vertically with "v", "o", and 
   ! <-- that exclamation point, you've got a variable-width font.
   Choose something like Courier, Courier New, or Monaco to see 
   them properly.

The last letter, "tseh", not only has a square bottom but also has a small
tick-mark coming down-and-out from the lower right-hand corner: roughly,

	|  |

"Roic" would pronounced approximately "ROH-eets", and would be written in
Serbian as roughly:

	|   |    ___           
	|   |   |   |  |  /|  |   |
        |---'   |   |  | / |  |   |
	|       |___|  |/  |  |___|
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