[LMB] ambiguous names (?) OT:

I iosef at gothic.net.au
Tue, 27 May 2003 22:09:31 +1000

At 07:48 PM 27/05/2003, RosinaRowantree at aol.com wrote:
>Paula Lieberman wrote: "There are names that are usually considered female in
>the US, but male in Britain, e.g., Robin and Evelyn."
>Evelyn is an either/or name in the UK, as are Hilary, and Leslie (m) or
>Lesley (f), although probably now given more to females .  But every now 
>and then
>an item of news about a US citizen called Robin or Sean makes me think that
>Americans are becoming far more open about their sexuality - "Sean Young 
>is now
>dating ... [male star]" or a boxer romancing someone called Robin.
A lot of these, like Lesl(ie)y above, take a spelling change traditionally. 
Lee, Robyn, Kim all come easily to mind. You need also to take into account 
language changes, ie Jean/Jean.