[LMB] OT: Press gangs

Corrina Lavitt corrinal at cox.net
Mon, 3 Nov 2003 19:13:06 -0500

> Corrina introduced herself, and jumped right in with:
> > I spent six weeks one summer of the U.S. Coast Guard Barque Eagle
> Well HELLO, Corrina!  Hail and well-met from the Gulf Coast and the barque
> Elissa!  Or (sigh) more precisely *formerly* of Elissa.  I have been
> press-ganged *away* from my beloved iron mistress by the responsibilities
> of parenthood....

Hail to you, pilot!
> Don't forget rust-busting in the bilges under the generators.  Always a
> peach of a task (not).  And Elissa weighs anchor by hand (ow)--does Eagle?

No, that we missed. But bringing her in and out of dock was always a trial.
One poor lieutenant earned the name "Captain Crunch" when he was officer on
duty during a docking in NYC.

When we were leaving the dock at Quebec City, the ship swayed out too far
with one of the lines attached. Someone noticed it was about the snap, we
got the order to hit the deck and the line whipped into the space we'd just
been occupying.

> > a great deal of climbing into the rigging to adjust sails,
> Um...that's one of the *perks* of the job IMO, not one of its travails....

Yes, it's fun. Unless you have to do it over and over and over again while
the second-class cadet in charge learns how to set sail. <g> I must confess
to being far more leery of it after watching someone fall. It did a number
on my nerves.
> I'm a volunteer.  I pay in time, ruined clothing, pain, and occasionally
> blood--and consider the cost lightly borne at that.  One can, with much
> effort, get the tar off the skin--but once it's in the blood one is
> never free of it. *sigh*

I've always wanted a smaller sailboat, like Aral's, to putter around in.
Alas, parenthood, and money issues will probably prevent that.

> Pilot Padget--who, despite the nickname, is a terrible helmsman

Heh. Do you have a real ship's wheel or has that been replaced? The EAGLE
still had one.

Good to know you've got an engine installed too. It seemed like the wind
never kicked up enough that summer in the North Atlantic to get under full
sail. I can only remember going full tilt once or twice.