Cheek Kissing (was Re: [LMB] Touching)

Rowena morgaine at
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 23:27:39 +0100

On 11 Nov 2003 at 7:11, The Woman With No Name wrote:

> I hit on a variant of this when I spent a semester in France.  In 
> circles, you do the hug and one kiss on each cheek (totaling two), 
> some you repeat it for a total of four. 

in the Netherlands, 3 kisses are usual. (person who starts gives 2), 
if you do 4 they ask if you've been to France. I also know people 
who give the third kiss on the lips, (less common!!!!!)
It is not strange to greet people you don't yet know that way, the 
hostess of a party you attend or something like that. Note, there is a 
gender thing here, women greet other women this way, and men, 
but generally men don't with other men (assuming straightness, but I 
am describing dominant culture).

You sort of hug, but not in an intimate way during this (note, you 
should not feel other persons underware, than you are to intimate, 
unless ofcourse underware is of very extraordinary nature).

Cats may be grean somewhere else, but the cats here don't care.
					Ursula Le Guin