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> etc.  It sometimes surprises me how few allergic
> reactions there are in
> F/SF
> characters....

I think it's because there *are* a lot of people out
there who aren't aware of their allergies.

For example, if you asked me, I'd tell you I dislike
the taste of fish and hate tomatoes.  I didn't know
until I got a toxology test done, and wouldn't have
been able to tell you before I got the results, that
I'm actually mildly allergic to both, and my 'dislike'
is probably my body's early warning system in action! 
I *can* eat them without ill effects, but not in any
great quantities.

But up until then, no, no, *I* didn't have any
allergies, and a character having a particular allergy
was not likely to grab my sympathy.


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