[LMB] Miles, Ekaterin and the Orb / flinch

Joanie Laurel shadow_rose at hotmail.com
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 19:33:05 -0700

Debbie: >wondered if he talked her into some mild domination/submission.

Joy: >
>I cannot for anything possibly imagine Ekaterin as a dominatrix.  Oh, wait, 
>yes I can.  Oh, wait, I wish I hadn't...

For Ekaterin, even saying, "I want *this* now, and I want it this way!" is 
going to be dominating. And I can just *see* Miles grinning, responding, 
"YES Milady!" and doing so.

Pouncer commented:
>Miles flinches at herm Bel, where werewolf Taura - a few hours later - 
>inspires no such reaction.

Though that could be also inspired by "Yikes! This THING is going to eat me. 
Oh -- all she wants to do is have sex?" Unexpected, but he can deal with 
that. He stalls for time to get them both in the mood.

Were Bel on an opposing side and holding a plasma arc or nerve disruptor on 
Miles, and demanding some sweet love as the price of survival, I think that 
Miles and his ingenuity would rise to the occasion. He would probably 
attempt to seduce Bel to the correct side as well. Miles's reactions in a 
peaceful situation probably don't correlate well to his reactions in combat, 
for this.

>Taura is an xenophobe's Worst Possible Thing. >reasons< But Miles masters 
>flinch reaction, in this case.

I read his reaction to Taura as first, abject terror (too scared to 
flinch/combat reflexes), and then of course the emotional involvement. Bel 
has never really been in a position of intimidation over Miles. Had Taura 
(cleaned-up nicely) made a pass at Miles on Beta Colony in the same time 
period, Miles would likely have declined politely. "Nice girl, but ... she's 
not even HUMAN!"

(somebody)>An LPST is a licensed sexual therapist.  Most sexual therapists 
don't engage
>in sex with their clients

>I'm not sure that is true on Beta Colony.  One _can _  teach swimming 
>without wearing skimpy lewd clothes or getting into the pool with the 
>student, too. (ObCazaril) But not everybody is going to do it that way.

Or one could always do it like the D'Angelenes, and have two LPSTs 
demonstrate the techniques on each other.


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