[LMB] OT: rank

CFR621 at aol.com CFR621 at aol.com
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 02:34:32 EST

When I joined the Army I was given credit for education and experience, so 
came in as a captain (O-3). Don't know if I could have done it as a 2LT (second 
lieutenant, O-1) -- as it was the IRS queried why my income seemed to have 
fallen so much when I claimed I was still fully employed! Hey, I'm working for 
Uncle Sam, like you! (of course a number of military benefits are neither paid 
nor _taxed_)

I had an interesting experience when appointed to coordinate a retreat at the 
naval Ocean Shores facility on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. 
Initially one could hear the heels click and parade rest poster for Captain Ryan: 
then equally perceptibly was the "Oh, she's just an _Army_ captain" -- not 
the naval captain, O-6.

Must admit I finally figured out Navy officer ranks by watching STNG: still 
clueless on Navy enlisted ranks (and my youngest stepbrother is Navy enlisted).
Kit in San Antonio