[LMB] OT: Airport Security

Alexandra Y. Kwan litalex at slashyalex.com
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 09:43:07 -0800


At 20:31 11/18/2003, Paula Lieberman wrote:
>There are degress of subtlety to practical jokes.... there was for example
>there placement of a bronze plaque on the concrete holding the "modern art"
>sculpture "Transparent Horizons," a collection of metal not beloved by
>students and alumni, which said "Big Ugly Thing," with cement.

Oh, gods, that's priceless. I wish my schoolmates were half as creative (or 
willing to) as this. So far I haven't seen any pranks at all on my campus.

>Eventually the Administration discovered it and had it removed... those
>responsible for it having been there, did not replace it.

Well, after several years, they'd probably graduated...

little Alex