[LMB] Miles' wedding

margali mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 22:58:36 -0500

My husband was navy roommates with my first husband, and my first 
husband is married to my husbands ex fiancee.

my eq husband is also my love in real life, and he and my husband get 
along just fine=)and my husband has given me a budget to go to germany 
when i want/need to to see my game husband...who we jokingly refer to as 
my junior husband.

>>Does anyone on list have current SigOth and previous SigOth who know each 
>>other and get along?  (Just Curious)A friend of mine dated a man for a 
>>while, decided the fellow wasn't right for her, and set him up with her 
>>best friend, who married him.  Friends all around.