[LMB] Miles' wedding

Marna marna at marna.ca
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 23:44:59 -0500

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>>From: Mitch Miller [mailto:mitchmiller at entertainmenttax.com] 
>>Anyone have any thoughts about Miles inviting his former 
>>lovers to his wedding?  Is that done?  Why would Ekaterin consent? 

Admittedly I am an atypical sample :-)

My ex-boyfriend got handfasted to my girlfriend, who is dating my 
husband,  last month. We were both there and my wife was one of the 

Lemme think: the OAFB had 6 ex current partners there, and Sian had I 
think 10 ex or current partners there.

This is admittedly an extreme example, but I've always though that 
anyone who started out their married life by excluding people who ARE 
STILL FRIENDS of their spouse-to-be (one would of course not invite the 
other sort of ex)  just because they were once an item ...

was probably going to end it by screaming "I suppose you'd rather sleep 
with HIM/HER than ME!" one too many times, over some poor soul their 
partner was polite to at a party.