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Tracy MacShane Tracy.MacShane at vuw.ac.nz
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 09:32:13 +1300

Yes indeed!! They just rock, I've got the cool purple one with ALL the
bits. My hands are fairly strong, but small, so I don't get the kind of
leverage that most men do. It's much easier to use the screwdrivers etc
when you feel that your fingers do entirely meet around the thing. And
it's lighter, even my one, which is great because I tend to go overboard
with the maximum amount of gadgets I can get. I'm just waiting for them
to put out the driver set for it, so I can pack a few sockets and use it
as my default bike tool.... 

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> From: Marna Nightingale [mailto:marna at marna.ca] 
> On a bright note, Sian gave me a Leatherman Juice for Yule 
> two years ago, one of those brightly coloured multitools that 
> Leatherman is putting out. 
> They have resized them for women, and changed a couple of the 
> brute-force openers to fingernail openers. It's about 2 cm 
> shorter and maybe 1 cm thinner than a standard Leatherman. 
> It is wonderful, I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone with 
> smaller hands who needs a good multitool.