[LMB] Welcome to the Cult!

Robert Parks rparks at lvhot.org
Sun, 23 Nov 2003 21:34:02 -0800

Cat Meier wrote:
> L: and iwant to know what happens next :-)
> Me: Well I can get you A Civil Campaign and Diplomatic Immunity but then you're caught up with the series
> L: I know, and thats the sad part....
> L: but... I need more

Well there is fill in bits like Falling Free.  And a few 
fantasies that I understand are pretty hard on their characters 
too... :)

I'm always envious of people who get to read Lois for the first 
time.  As much as I love the rereads, it just isn't the same.  sigh.

> L: I was thinking of joining the mailing list
> Me: welcome to the cult :-)
> L: I always kind of wanted to be a cultist, i mean they have great parties ;-)

Does she know any peasants?

> So, its official, I have a convert!  Probably won't be joining the list until after she goes to Rome next semester, but definately hooked.

> I feel so proud!

Yay Cat!!!