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Fri, 28 Nov 2003 00:04:20 -0500

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> Paula writes:
> Please cite the references.  I don;t believe them.
> M replies:
> I don't know what reference is being cited, but the Terman Study in
> California might be one.  It showed that high-IQ people tended to marry
younger (in

In California.  How did it select the sample?   The people I went to college
with mostly did -not- marry early.  Very few of my college classmates were
married before college graduation....

> good economic times especially), have fewer divorces, live longer, and
> were healthier (due to more attention to health care and hygiene) than the
> average, plus an enormous amount of other data.  It covered more than 1000
> subjects with an IQ of over 135, starting at around age 3 or so, and
followed their
> lives for a long time; I don't remember exactly how long--for all I know,
> they're still being followed, at least the ones still alive.

Sampling is an interesting thing, there are all sorts of things in which the
sample turned out to be highly non-representative of the segment of the
population it was supposed to be representative of.....   Certainly my
female college classmates, married later that most of their classmates from
high school....