[LMB] OT: High IQ women

Danielle N. Hart d_reykova at juno.com
Sun, 30 Nov 2003 05:16:33 GMT

>>Kay waxes happily about the merits of "big and stupid":

<much snippage>

>    So, throw everything onto the scale. Everything. In no
> particular order: Is kind. Is loyal. Respects you, self, and
> others. Is hard working. Is courteous. Is generous. Has sense
> of
> humor. There is sexual compatibility. Is honest. Is always and
> absolutely supportive.  Is honorable. Is independent. Has no
> issues with *your* independence. Is cheerful. Is always
> appreciative. Is protective. Is thoughtful. Thinks *you* are
> fabulous, and says so--often. Trusts, and is trustworthy.
> Loves,
> and is loving, without condition. Is forgiving of failure.
> Picks
> up after self. Always tries. >>

 What are you doing with my husband?  Please return him.  ;)


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