[LMB] Uniforms and Blending In [OT:]

margali mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Wed, 01 Oct 2003 18:34:14 -0400

Thanks lynette for the pictures of a very nummy looking pilot-cavalier =)

Pilot, you can come swash at me any day=)

wiping the drool off the keyboard again......

> Um...that's not what I meant.  And for that matter, that's not going 
> to help.  I can be ignored by a waiter quite effectively when wearing 
> full Cavalier court garb in black velvet with lace and pearls, 
> accessorized by thigh-high bucket boots, wide-brimmed hat with 
> feathers, and optional rapier.  Or in a maroon tailcoat and top hat.
> Pilot Padget--shy, demure, retiring, socially-invisible.  Really.