[LMB] "Vile"

margali mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Wed, 15 Oct 2003 06:41:20 -0400

i originally had a plattdeutsch nanny and baby babbling accordingly...to 
rob and i having a bavarian boyfriend and learning bavarian....grin. 
Makes things sort of confusing because some things are just a little 
different, and some things are entirely different.

And on the plus side, hubby and I will get to visit him more often now 
Rob is retired, we can MAC over to ramstein and chris can pick us up. 
Way more affordable than paying for a ticket=)

Claudia Muir wrote:
> There's nothing "archetypical" about Plattdeutsch and Prussians and
> Berliners didn't (and still don't) speak Platt.  Platt is Hamburg and
> the North Sea coast areas.
> Hochdeutsch is not "spoken by Bavarians, Swabians and Austrians".
> (Swabians consider themselves to be very competent, so they've actually
> adopted a half-joking state motto: "We can do anything!  Except speak
> High German.")  Bavarians, of course, have their own dialect.
> Good grief, the Prime Minister of Bavaria (Edmund Stoiber) cannot deny
> his origins when he opens his mouth.