[LMB] Monkeys control robotic arm with brain implants

Robert Parks rparks at lvhot.org
Wed, 15 Oct 2003 21:06:38 -0700

I figured someone else would bring this up, so I didn't keep the
paper, and noone did, so I had to find it (Google: "Monkey Brain
Electrode"), which is pretty amazing by itself!

Anyway, eventually, the monkeys learned to control the robotic
arm without moving their real arms.  Incidentally, the signals
travelled over the internet to a remote lab.

"It was an amazing sight to see the robot in our lab [MIT] move,
knowing that it was being driven by signals from a monkey brain
at Duke."

The two articles have a slightly different focus, the first on
the teleoperation part,

"Besides experimenting with feedback systems, the scientists are 
planning to increase the number of implanted electrodes, with the 
aim of achieving 1,000-electrode arrays. They are also developing 
a "neurochip" that will greatly reduce the size of the circuitry 
required for sampling and analysis of brain signals."

This sounds familiar!


The second on the brain power *alone aspect.


"If such incorporation of artificial devices works, it would
quite likely be possible to augment our bodies in virtual space
in ways that we never thought possible," said Dr. Srinivasan..."

Obviously, not a SF reader.