[LMB] OT: Hello!

Danielle N. Hart d_reykova at juno.com
Sun, 26 Oct 2003 19:59:19 GMT

>>snipped comments about where various listies grew up>>

 Then there's the people like me, who are born in places people don't normally associate with Real People (TM).

 "You're from Las Vegas?  Really?  I didn't know people really *lived* there!!"  (Do you think we have hotel fairies??) pause... "Were you born in a casino?"

 Of course, then you also get to make fun faux pas, like telling people in different areas in the mid-nineties that your grandfather is a "dealer".  :)

 Danielle, enjoying Germany for a month in between sessions of her Russian refresher course (I'm sure Klecha feels my pain, here.)

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