[LMB] The Text Editor of the Beast OT:

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Mon, 27 Oct 2003 00:23:23 -0500

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From: "Jill Wyrtham" <kappainfometrics5 at comcast.net>

> > I have leaned towards EMACS, ever since I figured out that the King
> > Bible was mistranslated
> >
> >
> > Rev 13:18": Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the
> number
> > of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is vi, vi,
> You realize of course, that there are fewer and fewer of us each day who
> will get this....
> Jill
> ***If you keep your tongue in your cheek , u talbk fubby***
> PS: for those who don't get this, vi is the alternative text editor to
> emacs. ivi and emacs supporters regularly have duels to the death on
> moonless nights near computer science buildings on most college
> campuses...TFIC

Also -- vi is from the west coast, Emacs from the east coast, Stallman wrote
it while he was a Harvard student. vi is Stanfordish or Berkeleyish.

Emacs is a lot more configurable.  People in the corporate world don't have
duels to the the death, they merely snipe at one another about it.

I don't recall who wrote vi.  But I've known Stallman for  long time-since
we were both college students, and both MITSFS keyholders, long ago.  And I
doubt if the person who wrote vi, got a MacArthur Foundation award....

Silliness:  some years at an Arisia, Seth Breidbart, who at the time was a
VP at a Wall Street investment bank, and Stallman were talking.  They'd been
contemporary undergrads at Harvard.  Seth actually has a Ph.D. in computer
science, from Yale (I think it's computer science, and not math, that he has
the doctorate in.  He has two math degrees from Harvard.)  Seth is also in
Fallen Angels, as Seth of the Lunarians and the "Kill Seth!" ritual
chant--which is reality-based.   Anyway, I pointed out to someone else,
"there are the two distinguished Harvard alumni, one a noted computer
scientist and MacArthur Award winner, the other the distinguished investment
banker.... until/unless one -knows- them!