[LMB] Project Assistance request OT:

Betsy Hosler bhosler at partners.org
Tue, 6 Apr 2004 21:39:51 -0400

I work in a lab which studies Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, aka ALS, Lou
Gehrig's Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, etc. This is a disease in which
the motor neurons gradually die, leading to paralysis and eventual death,
usually in 3-5 years. (For more information, see our web site or follow the
links on it to more general sites:      http://www.massgeneral.org/als/

A gentleman named Fred Siwak has begun a project that I thought some
members of this list might be willing and able to assist. Before developing
ALS, Mr. Siwak enjoyed travelling, art, and photography. While he can no
longer travel, he has continued his artistic interests. To raise awareness
about ALS, he has started "World Art for ALS Awareness", an attempt to have
a piece of his artwork photographed in every country of the world. He is
looking for people who would be willing to assist this effort, by either
taking one of his pictures with them on their travels, or by receiving and
printing a JPEG file. The idea is to take a photograph of his art in
different countries, then email him the photo(s).

Mr. Siwak hopes eventually to exhibit the photos and original artwork as a
fundraiser to support ALS research, but he is not asking for donations now
(other than the cost of printing a file and taking the photos). My
coworkers have known him for several years, and think he's a great fellow.
He lives in Massachusetts, USA - I have no idea if he'd like to get all 50
US states. I also don't know what the timeframe is for this project. I
suspect that other people would pick it up if he is unable to continue, but
I don't know that. I suggest that you contact him within the next few
months, say, by July 2004, if you are interested in helping.

Interested people can contact Mr. Siwak at seaweed at gis.net

Thanks for reading this far!

Betsy H