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Thu, 15 Apr 2004 09:19:48 -0400

In furtherance of Paula's post (which is extensive)

"We have textev that it is the Counts who do most of the
terraforming, as well as make the forests."

It made me think about parts of the books that tie together on this
concept.  I'm thinking of a passage in Memory when Mark is being
introduced to the idea of Service Barrayaran style about being the head
of a district and the service required.  My impression of the Counts is
one of doing these terraforming projects as a duty to all others on the
planet -- not just for themselves.  This ties into Miles comment to
Eckaterin in Komarr about the way the power from the smallest to the
largest flows up to the emperor and from the emperor out to all of the
Barrayans when he says (sorry don't have book here) "How can we be true
to one another."  It IMHO is a very medieval concept of duty that makes
me as a humanities medieval scholar want to stand up and cheer.  I'd
love to go there.  Live/settle?  With all those different colored
uniforms and the concept that Cordelia said in Shards of Honor (sorry
don't have the book here either), "lambs to slaugher" when she is coming
up on board Aral's ship with all the troops.  How have others seen the
concept of duty that flows this way in the Vorkosiverse?  Does
Chalion-verse have this sense of duty  as an undertheme throughout?
Sometimes I think so and then other times I'm just enjoying the read. 
The Fairfax SKY
Shelley Kaufman-Young

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