[LMB] textev help...

Andrew Lambdin-abraham laman398 at student.otago.ac.nz
Wed, 21 Apr 2004 19:02:47 +1200

On 21/04/2004, at 4:36 AM, Stephanie Folse wrote:

>I need some help with descriptions of weapons (hand-held ones; I don't
>need ones you can't hold and walk with at the same time).  I remember
>nerve disruptors, plasma arcs, and stunners (not to mention Kou's
>swordstick).  Are there any rifle-size weapons mentioned?

There's mention in one of the books (Vor Game, Memory or Komarr)[1] about
a Barrayaran General of Piotr's generation I believe who carried a
(usually) uncharged plasma rifle as a swagger stick.  I presume it would
have to be rifle sized, and too big to easily holster, to be used that

[1] Sorry I can't recall which, but those are the three I have with me
down here, and I read them all in the past week.