[LMB] OT: Stroganoff recipe needed - soon, please?

Paula S. Sanch tygerbryght at myrealbox.com
Thu, 22 Apr 2004 02:33:35 -0500

There was a can't-resist price on beef roasts this
week, so I bought one.  I plan to cut it up for
Stroganoff, except that I've *no* idea where the
cookbook with the recipe I like *is*. :(

It's from one of those 'ladies of the NNN Church'
spiral-bound cookbooks, and it's probably not too 
authentic.  I forgot to buy the sour cream.  I also 
forgot to buy the tomato products, so I think I'll pop
it into the freezer until next Monday (next grocery
shopping is Tuesday; we (my Homemaker & I; she
doing the stand-up parts) will cook it next 
Wednesday.  I have cooking sherry, but perhaps 
I'd better sniff it to make sure it hasn't gone 
to vinegar on me.

I'm not looking for perfect authenticity.  I'm 
more in the market for a slightly Anericanized
version, I think?  It would probably be best to
send recipes direct to me, to avoid cluttering
the list, since I'm not asking for Authenticity
(nor do I think the list needs 19 different
Stroganoff recipes). ;D If I need to respond to
you, please be aware that the message will come
from a *different addy*; I use this one only for
the list (and misc incoming).

Now, when it comes to Italian food, I'm very big
on authentic ingredients, and most of the 
knowledgeable who eat some of it (I'm planning
on someday being able to cook again, somehow)
find it comparable to the Real Thing.

When it comes to Chinese (mostly Cantonese or
Szechuanese), I don't even try, and I only
eat more than once at restaurants who don't
Americanize the recipes (or only VERY minimally;
there is a wonderfully authentic restaurant 
in Ann Arbor that I've been longing for ever
since I moved here.  On the weekends, they add
off-menu items to their already diverse selection
of dim sum and trundle them around to all the
tables on a cart; YUM!  I introduced the Governeur
General to it on a visit (too many!) years ago;
he is a far more experienced consumer of Asian
cuisines than I, but he Really Liked it).  

Those are the only foreign cuisines that I'm
passionate about, except maybe Hungarian pastry,
which I doubt I could make properly anymore; it's
very demanding. :) I am good at US Southern cooking, 
of both traditions (and can make mouth-searing 
authentic MS soul BBQ, as taught me by a black 
friend many years ago, and no, I can't eat it, but
I sure can cook it!), but I oughta be; my mama 
cooked Southern. :D
Paula S