[LMB] conscientious objector was Doonesbury this week (4/19)

Debbie lioness at bellsouth.net
Mon, 26 Apr 2004 08:54:59 -0500

>Shelley Kaufman Young wrote:
>Admittedly because I don't get this list on my home email (can't make it 
>work for some reason sigh), I am late in joining in on this cool 
>thread.  It occurs to me that the Vor class would not be happy with C- Os 
>because of who and what their hereditary position is within the society.
>Alternatively, though, perhaps younger Vor sons who objected would be the 
>ones emigrating to Sergyar?  Or the Southern Continent?  Hmmm?

Happiness over C- Os depends on how close they are to you and how useful 
they seem.  If they're somewhere far away, they're somebody else's 
problem.  If they're in the neighborhood and perceived as sitting around on 
their bums while all the good men are off dying to defend you, they're 
scofflaws.  If they're the only ones who'll take care of this problem for 
you so you don't have to deal with it, they're saints.

Hmm, Cetagandan C-Os would be removing themselves from the genetic 
marathon.  Some people find non-competition appealing, not to mention 
easier on the nerves.

All we've seen secondhand accounts of Barrayar are from Piotr under the 
Occupation in Vorkosigan's District, the only District which did not 
surrender.  Logically we can conclude that what was going on there at that 
time was more belligerent than what was going in everywhere else on 
Barrayar during that time period.

A Barrayaran pacifist movement during the TOI -- it seems unlikely that 
there wasn't one, unless an expanding frontier simply absorbed all the 
"malcontents" as happened in the first half of American history.  Hmm, was 
the difference between the "Bloody Centuries" and earlier times simply that 
the frontier had stopped expanding fast enough to absorb them all?  But 
such a movement might well have taken a hit during the Occupation.  It's 
relatively easy to identify with other Barrayans as your 
brothers.  Identifying with alien invaders is a different matter.  Whole 
chapters of pacifists may well have taken up arms against them, especially 
after the brutal reprisals like the nuking of Vorkosigan Vashnoi 
started.  This may well be why we haven't seen any sign of them yet.

Of course I've also been wanting to know what forms mysticism has taken on 
Barrayar since forever, since the ability to have mystical experiences is 
inherent but the forms they take depend on culture and personal experience.

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