[LMB] Changing kids -- was: Handicapped Facilities [OT:]

Claudia Muir camu at bookcase.com
Fri, 30 Apr 2004 14:55:25 +0400

On Thu, 29 Apr 2004 19:14:00 -0400, Elizabeth McCoy <arcangel at io.com> 

> Why not on the sink-counter, between the sinks?  One of the places around
> here has no changing station at all (great food, lousy bathrooms) in the
> women's room (I can't speak for the men's room, since I've never been in
> them). I wound up balancing da minxness between the sinks. Awkward, but
> I'd have taken her and changed her on the table before I put her on that
> floor. *shudder*

Why not on the sink-counter?  Because my sons like to turn on the faucets 
when anywhere near sinks?  They wriggle like mad if they see faucets and 
changing becomes a near impossibility.

The floor works nicely -- that's when you use disposable changing pads.  I 
don't like the disposable-everything culture but having encountered many, 
many airports, and restaurants, and train stations, with no changing 
facilities for either male or female parent, I carry them all the time.  I 
try to find a quiet spot preferably not in the bathrooms, though. But 
that's just me (or Doug, who does most of the changings anyway).  We also 
carry desinfectant and things like that.

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