[LMB] Holy Beta Colony Batman!!!

M. Traber mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Sun, 01 Aug 2004 00:07:32 -0400

Raye Johnsen wrote:

>As for children being forced to fit a preselected box
>- as far as I can tell, the pills will still be given
>to the *parents* to dispense (or not, if they choose
>not to), parents will still have the right to observe
>the test (if only through a window) so they may see
>for themselves what is being evaluated, and I don't
>believe anyone is saying that the parent can't chat
>with the psychologist first, or afterwards, and thus
>find out what the psychologist considers 'an illness'.
>In other words, if one is an attentive and proactive
>parent, I think it will be very hard for the State to
>prescribe kids into a state of mundanity.
>But then, I'm getting the distinct impression that the
>sort of kids the State is trying to 'save' here are
>the ones who the State has to 'parent' anyway.
I wouldn't be to blasted certain about that, state agencies are pretty 
freaking hot to take kids away in america today=\

I know they wanted to take my goddaughters away from Pat and Tim,  on 
the grounds that they have 6 children [all girls] , because the nurse 
when she was confined with #6 sprout heard me talking with one of the 
kids about 'daddy dearest' who is a ped*phile...not realizing we were 
referring to Pats father...and it took serious arguing and dragging pats 
brother and sister into it before they backed down. Good thing is that I 
actually have legal guardianship of the kids, and could actually remove 
them from the household entirely if I see fit.  I was literally with in 
hours of vanishing the girls to keep them out of the state fostering 
system. [FWIW, I was giving her a prepaid cell phone to use because 
@sshat ped*phile was making sounds about wanting to visit pat and the 
girls and I didn't want to find out later he jiggered the phone lines so 
they couldnt call me. That is *just* the type of garbage he would pull. 
Of course this was well after I told him succinctly that if I ever 
caught him within 10 feet of one of the girls that I *know* how to 
dispose of bodies and I would be glad to vanish him.]

I can see the state removing the kid from the home because the parents 
werent medicating the sprats on the grounds that they were not acting in 
the best interest of the children..after all, it is *for the good of the 
children* that they conform...and I can see them forcibly medding mom by 
giving her the choice of taking meds or kids get taken away so she won't 
hurt them...

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