[LMB] Holy Beta Colony Batman!!!

Janet jelbelser at comcast.net
Sun, 8 Aug 2004 23:38:51 -0500

> I can see the state removing the kid from the home because the parents
> werent medicating the sprats on the grounds that they were not acting in
> the best interest of the children..after all, it is *for the good of the
> children* that they conform...and I can see them forcibly medding mom by
> giving her the choice of taking meds or kids get taken away so she won't
> hurt them...

Yes, this happens today.  Not very often to affluent families who can afford
private doctors and lawyers, but it does happen to kids whose families can't
work the system.  Also, a school or government MD can prescribe drugs for
the school to administer.  I have also heard of schools telling parents that
they HAVE to get their doctor to prescribe adhd medication (which is illegal
but does that stop them?).

Janet from TN