[LMB] Vorkosigan T-shirt

Nancy L. Barber nancy at dendarii.com
Sun, 1 Aug 2004 10:25:46 -0400

At 2:26 AM -0400 8/1/04, Vincentalienzk at aol.com wrote:
>Not looking to talk about the Silly Season in the US, but I saw a t-shirt at
>Balticon, 'Vorkosigan-Naismith, the Real split ticket' and i'd like to get
>one. anyone on this list know who sells them?

Another item to check out in the List FAQ:

2. Can I get Bujold T-shirts and other neat stuff?

I thought the "real split ticket" shirts were Pegasus
Publishing, but I can't find them in either their new
(in transition) catalog or the old one.  But I don't see
them in Steve Salaba's catalog either.  Unless someone
speaks up with definitive information, I suggest you
email both stores and ask--their catalogs could well
be out of date.

Nancy Barber
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