[LMB] OT: weird dreams

C D quisquared at yahoo.com
Mon, 2 Aug 2004 07:02:04 -0700 (PDT)

--- CatMtn at aol.com wrote:
> Clay writes:
> >  Have you read Eric Flint's _Ring of Fire_ yet? 
> > There's a   character in it 
> > who puts marij**na in spaghetti sauce---
> >  Mary
> Ah, Tom Stone, an inspiration to us all... that even
> the  permanently deranged can contribute to society.
> Now, if only someone could  get rid of the tie-died
> Renaissance garb....
> M:
>> Have you read the first 1634 volume, the Galileo
> one?  Hilarious, with  
> Stoner as one of the main characters.

Yes- I think it might well be my favorite so far. Both
the family Stone, and the Italian family the get
entangled with, felt frighteningly familiar....

Have you picked up any of the _Grantville Gazette_?


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