[LMB] Re: Lois-Bujold digest, Vol 1 #4135 - 23 msgs

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Mon, 2 Aug 2004 11:47:23 EDT

Paula writes:

> Four and  twenty Vor lords 
> Went off to Jackson's  Whole,
> And when the trip was  over
> They were stuck there  on the dole
> Mary
>  Add-a-line:
> "Although the dole on Jackson's Whole is  being sold for use,
> As concubines and gigolos--and they may like  abuse."

We wish that it had happened to Ges and Prince Serg too,
If  they'd been held on Jackson's Whole just think what they could  do...
They'd surely have met Ryoval, who was just as depraved,
The only problem would be if some fool would want them saved.