[LMB] OT: Piracy, Evil Overbeings, etc.

Padget, Scott R scott.r.padget at boeing.com
Tue, 3 Aug 2004 10:16:57 -0500

Diane E. disagrees with me about the desirability of various types of 
Silly Hats.  To which I can only tip my hat <g> in genuine appreciation
of our diversity.

She also points out:
> This isn't a Navy vessel, it's a PIRATE ship!  We're 
> all equals on board, remember?  Share and share alike! It's 
> part of the Code!

Ah yes, the Code.  But see, that the Code is more like...*guidelines*...
than actual *rules*.  ;-)

Cap'n Marna, on Official Swimwear:
> I don't much mind, as long as nobody scares the fishes.

So anything from fully-dressed through stark naked is okay, but lots
of energetic splashing is Right Out?

Dan Tilque jests:
> provide both a
> porthole and a starboardhole[1] for flow-through ventilation

Ow!!!  The *pain*!!

Captain, may I present Mr. Tilque for your consideration as a hard 
case in need of serious discipline?  If I may make so bold, I would 
suggest a dozen strokes with a week-old codfish. 

In a more serious vein:
> BTW, what kind of bilge pumps did they have back in the 18th -
> early 19th century? Or did they have bilge pumps at all?

Oh, they did indeedy.  Anything with a hull of wooden planks *is* 
going to leak when exposed to the stresses of the open ocean.  Pump 
duty was a routine part of daily life aboard wooden ships.  There may 
have been multiple pump designs for all I know, but Elissa's pumps 
are certainly typical:  two pistons with valve flaps to lift the water 
through vertical pipes running from the bilge to the weather deck; the 
pistons are attached to a hand-operated walking beam similar to that 
found on an old railroad maintenance cart.

The water spills directly onto the weather deck, where it runs 
outboard to the scuppers and overboard.

Pirate Padget--who will eventually post *something* on-topic, truly