[LMB] The Pillsbury Nazgul Cover & Weird Link

CatMtn at aol.com CatMtn at aol.com
Wed, 4 Aug 2004 16:37:35 EDT

Marna writes:

Now, if  the naked man is the one who is crawling all over the Xena -- 
THAT would  be pretty.  And pleasingly subversive.
But, yes, a naked man _helping_ (or watching) the Xena remove her  armor 
while they both gaze into one another's eyes with anticipation would  be a nice 
cover for something.  But not PoS.  That, if you insist on  naked men, would 
almost have to be either the scene with Arhys with his trousers  around his 
ankles, Umerue dead on the floor, and Illvin restraining  Cattilara (that might 
attract readers--sex and violence, jealousy, etc., would  make the book look more 
exciting than the Pillsbury Nazgul); Ista's dream of  Illvin; or even Ista 
and Illvin after she has told Liss the second kind  of duty of a lady in waiting 
when her mistress is entertaining a man not of  her own family.