[LMB] Ivan, idiots, and Austen

CatMtn at aol.com CatMtn at aol.com
Thu, 5 Aug 2004 10:00:59 EDT

Pat M writes:

Suppose  he inherits a nice 
little estate in a quiet country district containing  only a small town and a 
Service training base? He and, hmmm, how about  Byerly? Fly out there to 
check it out. Enter matchmaking Mama....  <G>

Speaking from experience as one who went to college in a small town  
(Kingsville, TX, with at that time a population of around 10,000) with a  service 
training base (fighter pilot training; think nice,  bright, college-educated young 
men), most of the Mamas in that place were  trying to keep their daughters 
from running completely wild instead of  encouraging them or matchmaking.  The 
daughters, on the other hand, did a  lot of their own matchmaking and had a 
wonderful time.  Some, like me, had  such a wonderful time that marriage and 
settling down was the last thing  they wanted.  The college, since it specialized 
in engineering and  agriculture, had a lot more male than female students, so 
was also a good  hunting ground.  I don't think Ivan, even as lord of the 
local manor, would  stand a chance at his advanced age of the mid-thirties.  After 
all,  remember what happened with the plebe college girl who just wanted to 
make her  boyfriend jealous?