[LMB] Demons and Hivers Oh My!

Nick Pilon npilon at gmail.com
Sat, 7 Aug 2004 01:20:12 -0300

Wow. Finally got the context to justify posting this, which I've been
meaning to for a while. ;) Not sure if I need an OT: flag or not, but
as it's Bujoldish, I'll leave it off and hope for the best.

A Hat Full of Sky spoilers and Carol Berg semi-spoilers abound. Thine
hath been warned.

Is there some mysterious author-plot behind the proliferation of
people-possessing, mind-eating, insubstantial demons lately? This
makes no less than three books (Paladin of Souls, A Hat Full of Sky,
and the Berg trilogy) featuring them that I know of, and I don't read
much fantasy.

Still, what's really interesting is how different they are. Berg's
demons are quite distinct from the others, given their origins, though
they still eat minds.

But then we've got Hivers and PoS-demons. Both are ancient creatures
from before the dawn of time and all that. They both grant the
possessed incredible powers. (Though you have to wonder if Pratchett's
forgotten about or is now intentionally ignoring the Dungeon
Dimensions...) But they still wind up feeling quite different. Hivers
simply want to die, whereas PoS-demons want freedom at any cost...

Anyone else noticed this? ^^;

-Nick Pilon