[LMB] "Nifty Industrial Fires of Washington,Pennsylvania" OT:

Susan Priest priest at citlib.org
Mon, 9 Aug 2004 13:41:50 -0400

Catching up on digests I see that LMB wrote:

"I have a half-hour audio interview that my father 
made of my grandfather in 1959, reminiscing about
his youth in the late 1880's - 1900 period. (Which
almost ought to be subtitled, "Nifty Industrial 
Fires of Washington, Pennsylvania"

Ooh! Ooh!  Is there any chance a copy could be made available? 
I am the librarian here in Washington Pennsylvania, 
and this sounds like it would be a wonderful addition for our local 
history section. I am sure that the historical society 
would also love to have it.

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Susan Priest
Citizens Library
Washington PA