[LMB] OT: Pratchett's best -- and worst

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Mon, 09 Aug 2004 13:22:54 -0700

>From: Tom Vinson <Tom_Vinson at mpsisys.com>
>If you're looking for a general introduction to Pratchett
>the L-Space Web site (http://www.ie.lspace.org/) may prove

Another good (and related) Pratchett Resource is the Annotated Pratchett 
File (APF).  It's currently a little out of date in regards to the most 
recent books, but otherwise contains a _compendium_ of references for all 
the in-jokes, obscure references, British-isms and, yes, [sic]punes. ;-)  To 
read the file for one of the books is almost as fun as re-visiting the book 
itself...and certainly gives you more respect for the information density of 
the work.  I would be impressed if any one person could get more than 75% of 
the references in any one Pratchett novel.

For example, I _now_ know where the word "Jingo" originates and how 
Pratchett makes a joke of it, not only in the title, but in a quote by the 
Patrician as well (you can look it up). ;-)

The APF can be found here:


And, if you're really dedicated, I'm told hunting on Deja News for newer 
titles and "annotation" can produce similar results not yet found in the 

...it also covers the non-Discworld books (including Good Omens) as well as 
some real-life quotations, some of which are funnier than his written work.

"There is no other wisdom,
And no other hope for us
But that we grow wise. -- Diane Duane

>It has among other things a suggested reading order for
>the different series. (I think these are all the same guide,
>just in different formats.)
>FWIW, http://www.bookreviewmonthly.co.uk/ offers a list
>of the top 20 Discworld books (scroll down the page to
>"Terry Pratchett").  Probably as valid as most internet
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