[LMB] OT: Dinner challenge

I iosef at gothic.net.au
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 02:51:06 +1000

At 01:42 AM 11/08/2004, M. Traber wrote:

>You see, clinical cooking is an american invention springing from the 
>wellness fads of the 1800, and many young women were given books instead 
>of traditional teaching - books on how to run your home efficiently and 
>*hygenically* including dietary advice. I can sort of see where it came 
>from, people at the time were rabidly into modernization, and much that 
>was traditional was seen as old wives tale and superstition based [and 
>much was, actually=)] So instead of a woman learning how to make a lovely 
>batch of liver dumplings in soup, she would be told that she needed to 
>take a slice of liver, cook the hell [and juices] out of it, and serve it 
>with certainly 'scientifically chosen' portions of veggies. That is why 
>most american meals are what in resteraunt terms are '3 plops' or a slab 
>of meat, 2 plops of veggies and 1 plop of starch [steak, green beans, 
>carrots and mashed potatoes frex.] If you look at the prevalent cookbooks 
>available in the US from 1880 to about 1955 they are what I call 'white 
>bread american slop] based on this hygenic food idea...see if you can find 
>in the library sometime things like 1930s editions of Fanny Farmer, Good 
>Housekeeping, Boston Cooking School and similar cookbooks...

"Meat and three veg" was common in Australia and the UK until the last 
decade as well. Probably NZ too, but I don't have data. And in many cases 
they were sensible. With liver for example, the prevalence of Liver fluke 
made rare cooking dangerous, now matter how much better the flavour

Many of the other problems of this centered more on the "efficiency"  of 
cooking over a very high heat for speed. While high heat is good for many 
things, if you want a slab of protein cooked thoroughly at high heat, the 
outside is ruined, and if you dry cook it that way........ Slow cooking, 
with basting etc, avoids some of these problems, with the correct foods and 
dishes, while still killing parasites and denaturing proteins.

I tend to be sensitive on this one: I'm intolerant to most red meat 
proteins, despite loving game, kid and similar meats and the organ meats 
that go with them (Excluding brains and tripe, I think its the texture.) 
Rare steak makes me ill, so I've focused on learning techniques to avoid 
the problem.