[LMB] OT: Dinner challenge

M. Traber mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Tue, 10 Aug 2004 14:58:36 -0400

I wrote:

> "Meat and three veg" was common in Australia and the UK until the last 
> decade as well. Probably NZ too, but I don't have data. And in many 
> cases they were sensible. With liver for example, the prevalence of 
> Liver fluke made rare cooking dangerous, now matter how much better 
> the flavour

Thats why a nice liver dumpling is better than liver 'steaks' ... you 
have to chose the right cooking method to deal with the meat and any 
other health requirements!  If it was really required that I have to 
cook it in whole slab form, oddly enough a gentle braising with a decent 
amount of cooking liquid, and aromatics like onion and the right herbs 
[I would suggest basil, rosemary and black pepper] after a quick searing 
of the outside would be just about the best way to handle it. Maybe a 
nice side of crudite veggies and a nice vinaigrette, and something light 
for dessert, a fruit mereingue maybe.

> Many of the other problems of this centered more on the "efficiency"  
> of cooking over a very high heat for speed. While high heat is good 
> for many things, if you want a slab of protein cooked thoroughly at 
> high heat, the outside is ruined, and if you dry cook it that 
> way........ Slow cooking, with basting etc, avoids some of these 
> problems, with the correct foods and dishes, while still killing 
> parasites and denaturing proteins. 

Exactly - but hygenic cooking was more concerned with uniformity and 
hygene rather than making food tasty, at least that is the way it seems 
from reading them=\

> I tend to be sensitive on this one: I'm intolerant to most red meat 
> proteins, despite loving game, kid and similar meats and the organ 
> meats that go with them (Excluding brains and tripe, I think its the 
> texture.) Rare steak makes me ill, so I've focused on learning 
> techniques to avoid the problem.
> Iestyn 

I had a period where I was intolerant of more than about 200 gm a week 
of red meat, but after 3 years avoiding beef totally, it seems to have 
resolved=) I can eat just about anything I am not actually allergic to 
and not show that I find it totally disgusting, but I really dont like 
any organ meat except beef heart, chicken heart and pork liver when 
mixed with other things [like in some sausages and dumplings]

I find that if left to myself, I like to have a regular round of meats - 
in no particular order - scallops, shrimp, fish [cod or salmon 
generally] chicken, beef, pork, lamb...then start all over again =) I 
would go nuts with steak or chicken every night=) Rabbit is just too 
expensive and I would rather not raise them=) We get turkey about once a 
month and have lots of leftovers=) I love duck and goose, but again 
expensive, and i have raised them all before, chickens are enough right 
now=) Deer is yummy, but I no longer go hunting and rob hasnt had time 
to go hunting lately=( and ranched bambi is very expensive!

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