[LMB] OT: Dinner challenge

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Paula Lieberman wrote:
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> > >So have Mexican and Italian.  In fact, if we want to get technical,
> jerky,
> > >pemmican, pumpkin stew, corn, and a few other things are the only native
> Succotash is another, maple syrup, anything with squash in it, cornmeal
> mush, turkey, cranberry anything, blueberry anything, not sure about
> raspberries--they might be spread over other parts of the world, strawberry
> anything, most of the beans around--the beans native to Europe and Asia and
> Africa include mostly stuff live fava beans. Runner beans, lima bean, string
> beans, wax beans, tepary beans, blackeyed peas, Navy beans, kidney beans,
> etc., are Americas natives.  Peas are also native to the Americas, and
> peanuts are native.   There were native chestnuts, black walnuts,
> hickories...

And now for the predators, don't forget: White Tail Deer, Bison
Moose, and Caribou; as well as numerous smaller species native to the

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